About Us

LavSalon.com is a system that allows clients to locate the best beauty service at their preferred location. It allows clients to instantly book services offered by independent professionals and salons. Based on the availability of each specialist, clients might be able to invite the specialists to their home, office or any other location, or visit the service provider at their preferred time.

The list of offered services and the prices might vary from one specialist or salon to another because each service provider and salon sets their own prices. Individual specialists and salons can take advantage of many features including online booking, work-schedule and calendar management, SMS and email notifications, order statistis and much more.

The rating mechanism allows clients and specialists rate each other after each engagement. We make a great effort in screening service provider and salon applicants and only accept the best specialists into our system. We do our best to enforce the delivery of high quality services; that's why your feedback and rating after each experience is very important.

Our mission is to deliver high quality services to clients, individual specialists and salons.

Our Values

  • Keep Learning
    A day without learning is a day wasted.

  • Solve Problems
    Improve lives of your fellow humans.

  • Enjoy Life
    Life is not just routine work, so do not forget to live fully.

  • Follow Your Dreams
    Try new things and feed your curiosity.

  • Focus on Quality
    Whatever you do, put your heart and soul into it.

  • Trust and Respect
    Strive to achieve mutual trust and respect in all your relationships.

  • Support Your Community
    Take others with you on your way to success.