Haykuhi Sargsyan

Address: 4 zangvac 37 shNor norq
Experience: 3 years


If you choose a service to be provided at your preferred location, additional transportation fee will be added to the service fee.

Transport Fee
֏  600.00

#Category NameService NameDurationService FeeTransport Fee 
Female MakeupFemale eyebrow correction30 minutes֏  1,500.00
Female MakeupFemale everyday makeup30 minutes֏  6,000.00
Female MakeupFemale evening makeup1 hour֏  10,000.00
Female MakeupFemale wedding makeup1 hour֏  15,000.00
Female MakeupPhoto session makeup1 hour֏  10,000.00
Female MakeupFemale trial makeup1 hour֏  6,000.00
Female MakeupBeam fixation of eyelashes30 minutes֏  2,000.00
Female MakeupComplete fixation of eyelashes30 minutes֏  3,000.00